Friday, 1 June 2018

Girlfriend’s Guide To The 2018 FIFA World Cup

It’s almost FIFA World Cup season and usually a time when (mostly) men take an ‘emotional leave of absence’ away from their girlfriend and wives. That means he’ll be permanently stationed to his 18-area (TV) or having away games (gone watching with his boys). They say ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’. It’s hard to hate the beautiful game though, so best find a way to deal with it. Here, we enlist the assistance of two relationship experts to help the ladies cope:

Get with the game
Seduction expert and author of Do you, Boo!,Mandisa O. Mahlobo-Ferro says that women in relationships tend to get frustrated during the world cup season, especially when they’re not really football or soccer fans. “Sadly, men don’t change what they want. The best thing is to get with it.

Take one for the team
Both Mahlobo-Ferro and Relationship coach and author of Love Prescription, Martin Manamela agree that it’s not a good idea to fight his indulgence during the time. Says Manamela: “Don’t make it about you, it’s his time. Besides, it’s just 90 minutes (or a bit more), over 30 days and only once in 4 years!” “Instead of fighting him on his passion, rather mirror his interests if you want to spend time with him. If you’re not into soccer, occupy your time with other things,” concurs Mahlobo-Ferro.

Be a team player
To really score points with your guy, Mahlobo-Ferro suggests that you can have fun with it by playing a game - for instance, if his team scores, he also scores later that evening! “Whatever you do, don’t over it. He might not take kindly to you organising a soccer day braai without giving him a heads up, for instance.” Manamela suggests that you could invite another couple and be going out to watch a game – if the ladies are not interested in watching the soccer, they could still have company to do other things.

Plan now, you still have time
“Men are not into planning, so do yourself a favour and plan ahead of the soccer season. Whether you’re planning on doing things together or apart, make sure you plan it around his world cup time.”

Do you, boo!
Mahlobo-Ferro says that his ‘emotional unavailability’ could work in your favour as a wife. “It’s a good time to catch up on the things you’ve been putting off for the rest of the year, without interruptions. It’s also a good time to catch up with your girlfriends, have spa days and have your time.”

Take advantage of his World Cup preoccupation and have some 'me time'. Let the good times roll!

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