Monday, 30 July 2018


Verdict: LIQUID GOLD holds a definite advantage on form and has a lot in her favour. Sweet Emotion gets the nod among the others, while Tina Bravada is one to bear in mind too.

Verdict: NOW AND FOREVER looks to be the safest option but can't afford for much to go wrong. Villa Royale could provide the sternest opposition, while Windy Flight also commands scrutiny.

Verdict: SAZERAC is operating at a good level lately and will probably take the beating. Palmieto can also play a leading role, while Nico's Chick looks third best.

Verdict: L'ORFEO has outstanding form claims and sets a very high standard. Boomerang Beach gets the nod among the remainder, while Ante Meridiem could also figure.

Verdict: DOUBLE DUAL put up a new best effort last time out and sets the bar high. Il Palio seems the leading challenger, while House Hunter looks third best.

Verdict: WARRIOR'S STONE holds a sizeable advantage on the form book and is well up to winning this readily. Chestnut Troop is the other to focus on, while For Ever has a place chance as well.

Verdict: EMPERORS TRACTOR is just about best of these all things considered but has next to no margin for error. Northern Flyer is probably the main danger, while Bishop Of Bombay could go well too.

Verdict: MACHOMOUSE is difficult to oppose on what he has shown and is up to winning this with something in hand. Bright Flame can also play a significant role, while Sudden Surprise edges things for third.

Verdict: FIDELIO is well in front of these from a form perspective and will be hard to beat. Class Protector is tough to ignore if looking elsewhere, while Amoretta edges it as the selection for third.

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