Monday, 30 July 2018


Verdict: MASTAGAMBIT has a significant edge on form and shouldn't really be hard pressed. Fives Wild will probably give the selection most to think about, while Flying George also seems unlikely to be far away.

Verdict: STUNNING SEED just about looks the one to be with but will need everything to fall right. Rocking Ruby is the pick of the remainder, while Easy Ginger can make the first three as well.

Verdict: HEY JUDE holds a sizeable advantage on the form book and is up to winning this with something in hand. Roy's Novice is another who could have a say in proceedings, while Playlist can scrap it out for third.

Verdict: FIELDMARSHAL FENIX looks marginally the best in this field but will need everything to fall right. Delirious Nomad will seemingly provide most resistance, while Master Of Mischief looks best of the rest.

Verdict: GORGEOUS GUEST looks marginally the pick of these. Dark Chocolate is probably the chief threat, while Under The Stars also needs a second look.

Verdict: MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI just about edges it as the selection but can't afford to put a foot wrong. Peter Piper can also play a major part, while Cosima also demands a closer look.

Verdict: ECCELLERATE has an emphatic advantage on form and is a major player. Roy's Roll's Royce is the most pragmatic second option, while Collabro can scrap it out for third

Verdict: INTERNET KID should be thereabouts but others can't be discounted in an open contest. The Sultans Bazaar is the most likely danger, while Flexible Fugitive has place prospects as well.

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