Saturday, 4 August 2018


MELA STREGATA ran to a good level on debut, is a good prospect and sets a solid standard here. Tuulikki is the most likely threat, while Leandra should also be considered.

DYNO MAN holds a significant advantage on form and is a confident pick. Captain Irish is hard to ignore if looking elsewhere, while Merlin From Berlin looks third best.

MASHARI holds the cards on the form book and has an obvious chance. Wildly In Love may be the best bet to follow the selection home, while Iknow may be the one for third.

SINGH IS KING looks marginally the best of this bunch but will need everything to fall right. Rebel Circus earns the vote for second, while Roy's Magic is also in the running for some place money at least.

DANCING MOONLIGHT looks the best of these. Global Pursuit seems only to have second to aim at, while Ninjinsky's Son is in the running for a share of the minor money.

FLAMING DESIRE has a little in hand but has next to no margin for error. Pumpkin Queen is probably the biggest danger, while Karatage also comes into the reckoning.

RONNIE ROCKET continues in form and seems likely to take the beating. Panza is the rational second option, while First Mate also demands consideration.

DUNZIE's recent efforts have been likeable on the whole and she just about gets the nod in this field. Gratuity looks the likeliest runner-up, while Just Vogue is the third candidate for the three.


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