Saturday, 11 August 2018


INEXHAUSTIBLE can only improve and could be difficult to catch. Game Theory has the best credentials of the remainder, while Tejada is one to bear in mind as well.

ODD ROB continues in form and just about sets the standard. Walter Smoothie seems the most likely to capitalise if the selection fails to deliver, while Cool Chardonnay comes into calculations for third place.

DEWALI is a fair way in front of these formwise and looks to have a straightforward task. Ice Eater is likely to pounce if the selection fails to deliver, while See Me Run edges things for third.

ROCK A ROLL DANCER is quite difficult to fault and will probably take the beating. Rock Sensation makes most appeal among the remainder, while Walnut Dash is another with a place chance.

LA BELLA MIA has a very good chance on what she has achieved so far and tops the shortlist. Torre Del Oro could be the answer to second spot, while Mardi Gras is the third candidate for the three.

DEERUPT just about appeals most but can't afford for much to go wrong. Brave Zndaya looks the likeliest to chase the selection home, while Huddle also requires scrutiny.

VARTANIUM was slightly disappointing when favourite last time out, but is taken to make the most of this opening. Make Your Move can also play a leading role, while Indy Ice also needs a second look first time out.

SATIN SLIPPER looks fairly difficult to fault and looks the one they all have to beat. Abelie seems the primary danger, while Awayinthewoods also has claims.

FORT CAROL could have more to give and should give backers a decent run for their money. Roll Of Drums can get the better of the others for second, while Stars And Bars also commands consideration.

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