Thursday, 2 August 2018


ROCKSTAR CHILD is just about up to taking this but can't afford to put a foot wrong. Tricia ranks next amongst the remainder, while Pachacuti deserves some consideration too.

TRIPOD has a little in hand but has little leeway if anything goes wrong. Alpine Glacier is another who could play a big role in proceedings, while Torre Del Oro edges it so far as third place is concerned.

SOUL OF WIT looks one with plenty of potential and could be difficult to catch. Out Of Town has place prospects first time out, as has Lateral Pass.

SAMAR is running well enough to merit close consideration but hasn't much room for error. Gentleman Only can emerge second best, while Highlander merits respect also

OUTLANDER has a definite advantage on form and is quite a confident selection. River Ayre is hard to ignore if looking elsewhere, while Effortless is prominent among those with minor place claims.

QUATTRO is just about the safest pick but it promises to be touch and go. Wottahottie can get the better of the remainder, while Sweet Trial shouldn't be far away either.

HOT AUGUST is operating at a good level lately and just about gets the nod in this field. Cannes is most likely the main threat, while Prince Jordan might well have a say too.

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