Friday, 30 November 2018


Race 1

Michael Roberts

No Corazon is back on the Poly and I am expecting a good race. Ignore

his last run.

Paul Gadsby

No 7 Isla Morada might need one more run. Hopefully she can place.

Wayne Badenhorst

No 11 Tapdance Ally has been a disappointment and I am just hoping for

a better run.

Race 2

Stuart Ferrie for Dennis Drier

No 9 Forthelasting probably found the distance a bit too far last time

out. this distance should sut and a big run can be expected.

Michael Roberts

No 10 Master Of Fire is back from a break. Maybe he can sneak a place.

Race 3

Mike Miller

No 2 Global Pursuit is well but has been a disappointment. He will be

leading into the straight

Michael Roberts

No 9 Hand on Heart Ran a nice race last time out and with further

improvement expected i think he can run a decent race although Robbie

Hills horse 98) Canadian Bold is the one to beat.

Alyson Wright

No 10 Jet Lignite will need the run.

Race 4

Michael Roberts

No 9 Velvet Honey has been disappointing as i thought she would have

won by now as she does show good work at home. She could place.

Stuart Ferrie for Dennis Drier

No 12 Magical Java has been looking for this distance so must be

included in all bets.

Race 5

Stuart Ferrie for Dennis Drier

No 2 Champenois is fit and well and although in a competitive race she

does have a chance.

Mike Miller

Of my two runners No 5 Call Me Winter and No 8 Path To Glory I do have

a preference for Path To Glory as she has a nice low weight. Both have

a chance.

Race 6

Karen Anthony

No 4 Haylor is fit and well and I think he will run well.

Michael Roberts

No 10 The Private has been off on a break and is not well drawn but

with a bit of luck could place.

Race 7

Michael Roberts

No 7 Solid Gold returns after vaccinations and a break straight into a

handicap so we will see how he goes. He is a nice horse.

Frank Robinson

No 10 Rocky Coast has a place chance.

Race 8

Michael Roberts

No 3 My Wish is a big runner. She should like this longer distance.

Wayne Badenhorst

No 5 Class Of Eight is improving and I am hoping she can place.

Paul Gadsby

No 7 La Princess needs further but is battling

Stuart Ferrie for Dennis Drier

No 8 Limestone Lady has been disappointing but I am hoping for a

better run this longer distance

Race 9

Alyson Wright

No 1 Bedazzled Joker may need the run

No 9 Thats Life is well but will need to overcome his bad draw.

Frank Robinson

No 5 Leslies Pathtofame has a place chance.

Michael Roberts

No 10 First Mate was too high in the merit-rating. It has come down

and he can start to be competitive again.

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