Thursday, 29 November 2018


Race 1

Gary Alexander

No 1 Power Of Place can hopefully run a place

Adam Azzie

No 2 Friend Of Time ; I am looking for improvement

Dianne Stenger

No 4 I Am Always Riight needs to improve.

Lucky Houdalakis

No 10 I Am Batman will need the run.

Clind Binda

No 12 Set Ablaze will need the run

Mike de Kock

No 13 Sheru From Peru will need the run

Brett Webber

No 14 Written In Stone is speedy but will need the run.

Race 2

Dianne Stenger

No 4 Golden Spiral : I am expecting a decent run.

Dennis Cason

No 9 Fleur Du Cap will run an improved race.

Lucky Houdalakis

No 14 Wordyness : I am looking for improvement.

Race 3

Tobie Spies.

No 5 The Pink Panther has a small place chance

Adam Azzie

No 7 Henry James may need gelding but could be there abouts

Clint Binda

No 10 Angel's Share will need the run

Brett Webber

No 15 Uncle Tom will need further.

Race 4 No comments

Race 5 No comments

Race 6

Lucille Kruger

No 1 Victoria Young is coming back from a long rrest so should need the run.

Tyrone Zackey

No 4 Tricia has a nice chance of getting into the Quartet.

Tobie Spies

No 7 Words has a small chance of running a place.

Race 7

CJ Maree

No 1 Tropical's Son will need the run

Mike de Kock

No 9 Elbi will need thr un but does have an each-way chance.

Race 8

Brett Webber

No 5 Rabia The Rebel is outclassed in this race.

Tyrone Zackey

No 11 Walnut Dash is in a tough race.

Race 9

Robbie Sage

Np 8 Flame Fella will have Blinkers this time. He should prefer the

extra so I am hoping for a better run.

Alec Laird

No 12 Mantain The Pace ; Hoping for a place

Tyrone Zackey

No 13 The Litigator : the penny still has not dropped with him.

Race 10

Adam Azzie

No 1 Orpheus is in good form so should go close

No 6 Major Return is trying this longer distance.

Gary Alexander

No 3 Myoshi has an each-way shout.

Race 11

Gary Alexander

Both my runners No 4 Charity queen and No 13 Poison Ivy have place chances.

Brett Webber

No 7 Kapama is going further and a good run from her is expected

Tobie Spies

No 11 Palatial Lady : I am not expecting much from her.

Dianne Stenger

No 12 Peggy Carter is going further and i am expecting a better run.

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