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Back in the days, these Lagos big boys were the toast of many. They were the ‘happening boys’ in town. No social gathering or event was complete without them. They were tagged “big spenders“ and this made them the toast of many musicians. So popular were they that many musicians waxed different albums to their credit and praised them to high heavens. They were able to rock the social scene for many decades until they faded like the morning dew. For years now, nothing has been heard of them.

While some simply decided to play it cool on their social outings by allowing their business to take better part of their lives, others have been hit by economic downturn in the country. The list isendless but below is a few of them who really rocked town and made a name!

Let us start with the Awesu brothers, Wale and Segun. These brothers need little or no introduction to many on the social radar. They are popular on the Lagos social scene even while they lived in the United Kingdom for a long time. Wale is the older brother while his younger one is Segun. When these 2 brothers were rocking Lagos social scene, they were the toast of many musicians. Segun was a heavy spender and this made him the toast of many musicians including celebrated Juju-gospel singer, Yinka Aiyefele. The Awesus have mellowed down on their social outings as Segun has not been sighted at any social gathering for sometime.

Not many are familiar with the name Muyiwa Bashorun as musicians made him so popular with his alias “Bill Gates of Africa“. Many likened him to Bill Gates of the United States not just because of his enormous wealth at that time but because of his spending prowess. Not much has been heard of him since 2008 when he was the financial Lord of Isolo Kingdom. He is the Borokini of Isolo.

Niyi Obodo is also one of the Lagos big boys who we hardly hear of these days. His real name is Niyi Aderinoye but many call him “Obodo“. Until 13years ago, Niyi was the toast of many Fuji artists. This handsome dude used to spend money like confetti. He bade the social space good bye after his first wife, Tobi Thomas was assassinated a few years ago in Lagos. This Nigerian-born, New York based socialite stepped out again last year when he took a shot at marriage again in America. People thought this would mark the beginning of his come-back; instead he decided to stay cool after marrying his American based financial analyst wife.

You cannot forget Sati Ramon alias Omo Salawe. Dark skinned Island big boy, “Ibu-Owo Oko Monica“ was very close to Fuji Musician, K1 at that time.

Sati Ramoni is no longer one of the regular socialites we see often not until we saw his posters few months ago when he announced his intention to join the Federal House of Representatives seat in Lagos Island but lost the elections. He also has left the social space for the young ones.

These socialites bear almost same name and you might misjudge them for brothers. It is the story of the 2 ‘SAUBANAS‘. One is Wale Adeniyi Saubana and the other is Wale Saubana Atanda Balogun. These Lagos Big Boys rocked the Lagos social scene at the same time. They were the toast of KI de Ultimate who enjoyed from their magnanimity and deep pocket.

Once upon a time on the social scene, no party was complete until Goddy Anabor attended. No car was in vogue except you saw Gooddy Anabor cruise in it. Goddy Anabor has in the last 15 years been a household name. The billionaire, who had about 50, exotic cars at a time was the toast of Sir Shina Peters and many other musicians at the time. He has reportedly fallen on bad time.

Edo born Lagos based socialite, Alumile Adedeji fondly called Ade Bendel will surely strike a chord. He was one of the happening guys at that time. No babe was seen as “happening” until you saw her hanging out with Ade Bendel. This party lord was the toast of many musicians at that time. He served some time in detention but has since been released. Ade is presently living on borrowed times.

Many would not stop asking about the whereabouts of this Lagos big boy called Kayode Oduniyi aka Kay-Hanger . This big boy stormed Ikeja social scene after returning from London where he lived for many years. On his return, he established a world class cyber cafe called ‘Cyinder Cyber Cafe in Ikeja. Kay Hanger was a constant feature among musicians and big babes around Lagos. He had loads of money to throw around. Years on however, he has gone underground.

Haridot Promotion owned by Dotun Aderibigbe (a.k.a) Lobito was the toast of many boxers who wanted to make a name. Lobito is currently a shadow of his old self. He is often times hanging out in Surulere, his hood when life was on the fast lane.

Another Lagos big boy who has also gone off the social scene is Jide Okunnu, who owns a top Fashion house in Idi-oro somewhere around Mushin called “Copperfield. He was not just popular for being a celebrity fashion designer who made clothes for the high and mighty back then, he was also a socialite and party freak to the core. KSA, Late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister waxed many albums to his credit. Nothing has been heard about the CopperField boss for years now.

Segun Alawaye was the toast of musicians and several records of his spraying prowess abound. He was the life and soul of the Lagos social scene. Alongside other jet-set young men with a common love for Sir Shina Peters, they were known as the Yuppies and made the term rooted in social lingua. As time went by, Segun’s heat was no longer as hot, his social presence waned, so did his finances and he subsequently relocated to London. He has since vanished from the social scene with memories of his social trajectory coming alive only from the archives of Fuji musicians.

At the mention of “White house‘ 2 decades ago, one Lagos big boy whose name will come to mind is Ade-Odutayo‘. He was one of the great fans of Sir Shina Peters but nobody knows his whereabouts for years now.

Babatunde Onakoya who is refered to as Debasco is one of the socialites with a clean slate. He is one of the respected Motor dealers of that time. He is also a close friend of Otunba Lanrewaju Shittu. The social firmament has missed the presence of this great socialite as he has since mellowed on his outing after he joined politics. He is one of the supporters of Ogun State governor and politics seems to have taken a greater part of him. Until few years ago when he threw a classy 60th birthday, not much has been heard of him.

Prince Bola Atobatele, the Executive Director of Judamic International Ltd used to be a regular socialite who enjoyed massive praise from many musicians until a few years ago. His beautiful wife, Princess Toyin Atobatele is a face to reckon with on the social scene.

Akindele (Ile Eru) is one socialite that exude style and confidence everywhere he goes. The socialite who sits atop Nikadel Hotel located at Adeniji area of Lagos Island, ruled the Lagos Island social scene years back. Ile Eru had a run with the anti-Drugs Agency (NDLEA) years back and subsequently cooled on his social activities on his return from jail.

Just like Akindele Ile Eru, Rilwan Aleshinloye, the owner of Alesh hotel has also been missing in action. Famed for his socialising prowess, Rilwan Aleshinloye was chairman of Iru/Victoria Island Local Government Development Area.

Alesh rarely attend social events these days and seemed to be concentrating more on his business.

Another Lagos big boy who has mellowed down on his social outing is Tunde Borokinni. This former husband of Tuface Idibia, baby Mama, Pero Adeniyi was a big socialite way back. Investigations revealed that he now plays big in Oil and Gas.


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