Monday, 14 January 2019


Race 1

Stephanus Botha

No 5 Riveting - Nice filly, 800 meters should suit her

Tienie Prinsloo

No 3 La Fista Flyer - Is a nice filly. She raced a bit green first

time out and should have a chance having had the experience.

Phillip Smith

No 2 Jay Is Simple - Fair first run, place chance

No 6 Silent Wylie - Should need this run

Race 2

Tienie Prinsloo

No 7 Time Master - Struggling to improve. Shows some nice work at home

but needs to reproduce it on the track.

Race 3

Tienie Prinsloo

No 8 Chapel Lass - Will fine this 1400 meters more to her liking

No 10 Spirit Of The Law - Has her first run in Kimberley and hoping

she takes a liking to the sand.

Jarett Rugg

No 2 Just Royal Blue is well and should be in the mix of things at the


Race 4

Phillip Smith

No 9 Warsaw - Will need the run

No 3 Great Success - Has a winning chance in this field.

No 5 Wine Dark Sea - Could get into the placings

Tienie Prinsloo

No 10 Asiana - Nice filly, first run on the sand. If she takes to it

she should be a big runner.

Race 5

Tienie Prinsloo

No 7 Portman Square - Is an inconsistent performer but has a chance if

he puts his best foot forward.

Jarett Rugg

No 3 Assisted Take Off is well and should be in the mix of things at

the finish.

No 6 Town Flyer is well and should be in the mix of things at the finish.

No 8 House Hunters is unpredictable but is working well.

No 9 Trillion Stars is unpredictable but is working well.

Race 6

Cliffie Miller

No 3 Mambo Model - Will need the run

Race 7

Cliffie Miller

No 13 Sky Vegas - Will need the run

Jannie Borman

No 11 Royal Stag - Will be better suited to this 1400 meters and he should


in the first four.

Phillip Smith

No 2 Talk Wrench - If he jumps on terms, he has a chance

Race 8

Phillip Smith

No 9 Ford Country - Needs to recapture his best form

Jarett Rugg

No 7 Waterloo Warrior is working well but is up against a lot stronger

this time, let's see how he goes.

Race 9

Cliffie Miller

No 3 Catwalk Tease - Will need the run

Dennis Cason

No 5 Var Agtig - Will need the run

No 6 American Trilogy - Will need the run

Jarett Rugg

No 9 Rising High - Rising High is working well but might need this run

back. However I'm expecting a decent run and if doesn't need the run

then will be right up there.

Tienie Prinsloo

No 2 What A Sarah - Is a very nice filly and should give a good

account of herself.

Phillip Smith

No 11 Wings N Things - Could run into the minor placings

Race 10

Dennis Cason

No 1 Flying Myth - Will need the run

Stephanie Miller

No 2 Herodus - Will need the run

Jannie Borman

No 7 Silver King - His last run can be ignored as he hit the rail

during running.

I have removed the blinkers and i expect him to be very competitive here.

Tienie Prinsloo

No 8 Villa Royale - Won his maiden last time. He takes on stronger

here but could be included in quartets.

Phillip Smith

No 10 Corrival - Could place at best


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