Monday, 25 November 2019

Flamingo Trainers Comments

Flamingo Park

Race 1

Jannie Borman
No 7 Chief Black Horse is working well but is having his first run for
me since arriving from PE. The 1000m is bit on the sharp side for him.
Jarett Rugg
No 12 Mistral Rider will need to more
Stephanie Miller
No 14 Love To Fly will need the run

Race 2

Sarel Von Willing Smit
Mo 7 Roxy's Rising Star: I will be very happy if she can run a place
Jannie Borman
No 11 Jay Is Simple is working very well and I am expecting
improvement but she is back from a break
Cliffie Miller
No 12 Tiddlywinks can win

Race 3

Cliffie Miller
No 5 Drop Shot may need the run
Sarel Von Willing Smith
No 7 Kryger: I will be happy if he can run a good place

Race 4
Cliffie Miller
No Phil's Power can win

Race 5

Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 1 Enceladus: I am hoping she can win
Jarett Rugg
No 5 Holy Flame is better than previous runs and hoping to see improvement.
No 8 Mirwa  is doing well and has been consistent lately, expecting a
decent run from her.

Race 6

Jarett Rugg
No 3 Regent Seven won a cracked last time out and should run a decent race again
No 9 Traveller's Joy is in open company as unfortunately no maiden
1800m which I believe he is looking for. Hope he can run a decent race
in open company.

Race 7

Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 4 Immortelle can run a place
No 5 Concealed Secret: I am hoping he can win again

Race 8

Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 1 Grecian Laurel: I am hoping she can win
Cliffie Miller
No 2 Hey Jude can win

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