Monday, 2 December 2019

Flamingo Trainers Comments

Flamingo Park

Race 1

Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 2 Rock To The Music : I am hoping for a good place
No 3 Why Leight needs improvement. Will be happy if she can place
Jarett Rugg
No 5 Glam I Am is working well and should run a decent race.
Dennis Cason
Both No 7 Pergalea and No 13 Bridal Veil are well and are working well
but are in a tough field
Tienie Prinsloo
All three of my runners in this race, No 12 Autumn Annie, No 14
Crimean Queen and No 16 Snowballed need improvement.

Race 2

Tienie Prinsloo
No 1 Our Moon Shadow is better than his last run when he wen to hard
over the 1200m. I think he should win a race like this
Jarett Rugg
No 2 Easy To Please is well and should run a decent race.
Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 4 Bletchley: I will be very happy if he can run a place
Cliffie Miller
No 5 Burgundy Rose has a place chance

Race 3

Jarett Rugg
No 2 Traveller's Joy: You can put a line through last race and should
run a decent race.
No 9 Willouws Racer: I would've preferred a 1800m but hoping to see
some improvement.

Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 5 Kryger should run a good race.
Dennis Cason
No 6 Out Of The Rainbow has room for improvement
No 10 Sumoll needs to improve

Race 4

Cliffie Miller
No 2 Kick Butt has a chance
Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 3 Grecian Laurel: I an hoping for a good place
Tienie Prinsloo
No 6 Green Caviar has disappointed twice with Blinkers so I have taken them off
No 10 Mambo Mae needs to improve
Dennis Cason
No 7 MS Holly Golightly is battling. I am hoping she can place
Jannie Borman
No 9 Wings N Things will need the run

Race 5

Jarett Rugg
No 3 Assisted Take Off  is well and should run a decent race
Gert Theron
No 4 Calabash is proven over this distance and should run a decent race.
No 8 Sark is trying 2200m. He can be there or thereabouts
Tienie Prinsloo
No 6 Time Master has a really good chance
Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 9 Tina Bravada: If she can run a place I will be happy

Race 6

Tienie Prinsloo
No 1 Bishop Of Bombay will need the run
No 2 Tsitsikama Bush is having his first run for me so let us see how
he goes on the sand
No 12 Mr Tinsel has an each-way chance
Cliffie Miller
No 7 Oh Yeah will improve on his last run
Dennis Cason
No 8 Stupefy is trying further and I am not too sure how he will handle it

Race 7

Cliffie Miller
No 3 Be The Right has a definite chance
Tienie Prinsloo
Both No 10 Kobus and No 12 Days Of Thunder: I am hoping for improved runs

Race 8

Tienie Prinsloo
No 4 Our Boy Jack is having his first run in 120 days and is likely to
need this run
No 9 Jury is still learning and will need further
No 13 Chapel Lass is running with the boys and will need to improve
Sarel Von Willing Smit
No 8 Titan Of Tibet is struggling
No 10 Master Kunyo; I will be happy if he runs a good place
Jarett Rugg
No 11 Willouws Havoc: I've worked with him at the pens this week so
hopefully he jumps on terms and trying the 1200m. If jhe umps, sees
out 1200m and the bad draw doesn't catch him out then should run a
decent race.
Cliffie Miller
No 12 Lady Shea worked very well

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