Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Coronavirus crisis hits Dubai Emirates

Dubai’s Emirates Group has seen a “measurable slowdown” in business from the coronavirus outbreak and has asked staff to take paid and unpaid leave, according to an internal email seen by Reuters News agency.
The trend canceling major routes, followed by not so major air-connections is now also affecting Emirates Airlines and seems to be a set by set development in the global aviation industry. Depending on how COVID-19 is growing and expanding, airline routes will follow through. Experts are talking about air traffic altogether to get the spread of Coronavirus under control.
The cost for this would be so tremendous, unable for most airlines to comprehend. Emirates as one of the healthiest aviation company may set an unwelcome lead.
Emirates Group, which runs the world’s biggest airline by international traffic, is encouraging staff to take leave as the coronavirus outbreak slows demand for travel. The United Arab Emirates has been an excellent country able to keep virus infections from expanding counting 21 cases. The UAE is a country with workers and visitors from all regions on the globe, and Emirates is the airline transporting a large percentage of everyone arriving.

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