Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Curious Facts about Ladies and their Private Part!


A man's penis remains the same, whether he has sex with different vaginas of different sizes. He doesn't even need to do kegels to keep his penis in its original state.

It is strange that you find some women trying to compete with their men using their private parts.

A penis does not lose shape, tightness or looks, but when you abuse your vagina, it eventually does.

You'll start noticing that thing that looks like a liver sticking out and no longer retracting.

Then you will start to fill up with air when you have sex. Then you will no longer feel certain dicks and only feel huge ones. Then you won't feel any dick at all. You will then go around saying so and so has a small dick, forgetting that you have a stadium between your legs and one man can never fill up the whole stadium.

A man and a woman are not built the same. You can compete with him, but you will be the one who will get finished and not him.

Ladies respect yourself.

Stop being a foolish being..

How do you want a man that goes to different clubs with you marry you as a house wife, use your senses and think that its impossible.

Have you ever seen any man marry a woman he slept with at any angle and any place he felt horny, tell me if you've ever wondered why many of you end up being used and dumped, many of you said all you need is money, but you've never come to your senses that someday you'll grow old while all the men will stop chasing you and find something new, even when you wanna give it for free, they won't look your side.

And many of young girls that are faceless dogs, every man you meet climbed on your chest and you felt no worries about it..

When it's time to marry most of you will be looking for a prophet to pray for you.

Many of you are not beautiful and don't be deceived by words of guys lusting after your body, most of you are hiding under makeup influence.

Beauty is not measured by face or posture. Its the way you stay firm and positive through any things that can jeopardize your future. Avoid being killed ever time like mosquitoes.

A word is enough for the wise..

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