Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Kwara State in Coronavirus Crisis

The Gov says:

Report reaching me from the Kwara State Technical Committee sadly confirms two cases of Covid-19 in our state. One is the wife of the UITH patient, a UK returnee who died last Thursday. And the other is a UK returnee who is unrelated to the deceased.


The Management of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital here by suspend Prof A K Salami as a Senior Consultant in the hospital.This is as a result of his  unethical conduct  in the admission, management and eventual release of the corpse  of a suspected Covid -19 patient who died in the hospital on the 3rd of April, 2020.

Director of Administration
For Chief Medical Director

Salman is a Professor of Internal Medicine who is a specialist in infectious diseases, and he knew how slippery, dangerous and deadly Coronavirus is, but yet:

- He lied about the health and traveling status of the Deceased to get him admitted by UITH.

- He exposed and compromised the health of quite a number of Resident Doctors and by extension a lot of medical personnel at UITH.

- He equally hid the cause of death of the Deceased and in the process, compromised the health of the Mortuary Workers and the Ambulance Driver that drove the Deceased to Offa

- The Deceased is a Muslim, when his body arrived Offa, he was washed and properly buried in accordance with Islamic rites. I am sure someone is already estimating the number of people that could have contracted this deadly disease just because of lack of integrity, wickedness and irresponsibility of “supposedly two powerful Individuals.

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