Tuesday, 14 April 2020

UK Set Plans To Evacuate Citizens/Residents From Nigeria

Return to the UK

There are currently no commercial options available to return to the UK from Nigeria. All airports in Nigeria are closed to all international commercial flights until 23 April. We know this is concerning for British people trying to leave Nigeria. The UK government has been working closely with airlines and has now secured agreement for charter flights to start from Nigeria to the UK, from both Abuja and Lagos.

The Nigerian authorities have told us that people who exceed their authorised visa stays as a result of travel restrictions linked to COVID-19 will not be penalised as over-stayers when they depart.

What to do

If you cannot leave Nigeria at this time, you should:

Follow the advice of local authorities, including local measures to help minimise your risk of exposure to coronavirus;

Find accommodation that’s suitable for your needs;

Keep in regular contact with family and friends at home, so they know you are safe and well.

Future travel options

Our first flights are expected to leave both Lagos and Abuja on Saturday 18 April with a further flight from Lagos on 20 April. You will not be able to pick your departure date – the online booking process will generate it automatically. More flights will follow, depending on demand. Anyone flying back to the UK on an HMG chartered flight will need to pay for their own ticket. To be eligible for a flight your primary residence has to be in the UK.

If you are eligible for the flights, want to leave Nigeria and have not yet registered with us, please do so as soon as possible by emailing [email protected] with: name, email address, mobile telephone number, location and any other relevant information.

We will prioritise helping the most vulnerable return, so those who have an underlying medical condition placing them at greater risk of serious illness if they contact COVID-19. If you believe you are in this category and have not already registered your interest in return flights, please do so by emailing the mailbox above, giving details and evidence of your vulnerability

We are working with a company called Central Travel Management (CTM), who will manage the booking and ticketing process and will actively manage the passenger list to ensure this prioritisation. Further information on how to make online bookings through CTM and the price of flights will follow shortly.

We are coordinating with the Federal and State government to help ensure that those of you who are outside of Abuja and Lagos can get to the airports despite the lockdown.

Sign up for travel advice email alerts and follow the British High Commission on Twitter and Facebook: @UKinNigeria and @DFIDNigeria.

Help and support

The best way to contact us for consular assistance is to use the contact form on our websites:

For the Abuja contact form

For the Lagos contact form

If you want to call instead, the numbers for assistance are:

For Abuja: +234 (9) 462 3100

For Lagos: + 234 (1) 277 0780/0781/0782

The High Commission cannot provide further information or advice about departure options over the phone. This page will be updated when departure options become available. To get the latest information, sign up for travel advice email alerts.

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  1. Good day, Sir/Madam.
    I have registered for evacuation and provided additional information as requested, but as yet I have not received booking / ticket for my departure.
    Kindly advice on status of my evacuation process.
    My email address is [email protected]
    Stephen Adebayo Ajayi