Sunday, 31 May 2020

Read what the UK told a lady who applied to visit her boyfriend,

Because prove that he’s your boyfriend

Most of us take for granted being able to visit friends and relatives in whatever country they happen to be. The reality for certain nationalities — “visa nationals”, in the jargon — hoping to pop into the UK is a full-on visa application. Visit visa applications can be and are refused with no right of appeal, leaving people unable to come see their loved one’s new home.

This lady applied to visit her boyfriend in the UK, who dutifully supplied a letter in support of the visa application. A Home Office visa official rejected the application, demanding evidence of “how this person is known to you [and] why he is inviting you to stay in the UK”. All of which was, er, explained in the letter


It is surprisingly difficult to put into legal language why a girlfriend might want to visit her boyfriend, but relying on common sense may not cut it.

Courtesy of Nichola Carter.

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