Sunday, 10 May 2020

Suggested Supplement for Covid19

A Simple Guide For Supplementing With Melatonin For COVID-19

Kindly note that the following is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Please consult a licensed doctor regarding COVID-19 treatment, especially if one has medical conditions like Cardiovascular Disease, High Blood Pressure,Diabetes, Respiratory diseases, Autoimmune disease and Cancer.

MELATONIN Maintenance Dosages During COVID-19 Crisis

Exogenous intake during COVID-19 is recommended only because normal endogenous production for adults may not be adequate for protection against COVID-19. Children under nine are protected from COVID-19 because they have up to TEN TIMES the ‘normal’ amount of adults. Our high tech environment, light pollution at night have already vastly diminished the normally low level of melatonin in adults. Supplementing with a minimum physiological dose during COVID-19 pandemic can provide additional protection against infections.

Typically, adults without major health challenges should take no more than the physiological dosage recommended below.

The suggested dosage is a range. The higher end of the range applies to people who are older or have slightly weaker health. So if you are a young healthy adult, you may require no more than the lowest physiological dose of 0.2 mg.

Physiological dose: 0.2 milligram to 0.5 milligram per day

Only take melatonin at night, about 1 to 2 hours before sleep and 2 to 3 hours after your last meal. You should ideally finish eating before it is dark.

It is also extremely helpful if you can lower your ambient lighting at night, as the lowest amount of light will disrupt melatonin production. Melatonin is produced in all cells, including mitochondria, not just in pineal glands.

Dosage Upon COVID-19 Infection

If you suspect infection, notify health authorities in charge and your doctor or hospital immediately. If you are self-quarantined at home, the following dosage applies.

Melatonin COVID-19 Infection Dosage: 5 milligrams to 50 milligrams

The lower range is for individuals with mild or no symptoms. The higher range is for older individuals or those with more severe symptoms.

Those taking ACE inhibitors, or have cardiac conditions or hypertension need to consult your doctor before taking high doses of melatonin. Note that melatonin may lower blood pressure and cause hypotension at higher dosages.

The correct infection dose should ideally be divided into daytime and nighttime doses.

Daytime – 40% of total daily dose, divided into small equal portions to be taken every TWO HOURS.

Nighttime – 60% of total daily dose, divided into two portions taken 2-3 hours after dinner. The final dose at night should be completed by 10 pm the latest.

If one is diabetic, or have insulin resistance, DO NOT TAKE MELATONIN before 3 pm. Melatonin is able to suppress insulin.

Please note that the oral dosage higher than physiological concentration is applicable during infections only. Supplementation of high dose melatonin MUST BE SUPPORTED by ascorbic acid. You may not experience full benefits of melatonin in the absence of ascorbic acid.

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