Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The new UK Lockdown Rules Explained:

Lockdown rules are to be eased in the coming weeks, three months after restrictions were first introduced.

The Government announced today (Tuesday) that pubs, restaurants, holiday parks, hotels and places of worship will all be allowed to reopen from July 4.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement signals the biggest easing of restrictions since the UK went into lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus on March 23.

Yet, as Hull Live reported, Mr Johnson said he would "not hesitate" to put the country back into a full lockdown if the COVID-19 outbreak "begins to run out of control".

During the press conference, he set out six rules for everyone to follow so that coronavirus can be controlled and avoid another lockdown.

They are:
Stay two metres apart. If you can't do that then keep one metre apart with other measures to reduce infection
Wash your hands regularly
Wear face coverings on public transport, or when you are indoors in a crowded environment where social distancing is not possible
Follow the rules when visiting businesses
Get a test if you develop symptoms
Self-isolate if you are asked to do so by NHS test and trace

The Government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said the R number for the transmission of the coronavirus remains below one across the UK.

He told the daily briefing that the epidemic continued to shrink – “albeit slowly” – by between 2 per cent and 4 per cent a day.

He said that currently around 0.06 per cent of the population of the UK – 33,000 people – was now estimated to have the disease and that the numbers were “flattening off”.

“Don’t be fooled that this means it has gone away," he added.

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