Thursday, 27 August 2020

UK Victims of Coronavirus will be paid to quarantine

Low-income victims of virus will be paid to quarantine

Coronavirus sufferers and their contacts will be paid to quarantine. The new self-isolation payments come amid evidence that rising numbers of people are refusing to stay home because they will be left out of pocket by doing so. Others are failing to get a test. Now people on low incomes who test positive for Covid-19 will be paid £132 for their 10-day isolation period, while those who have come into contact with them will receive £182 for 14 days of isolation. For now, the scheme will only apply to people living in areas with local lockdown restrictions. Our Q&A explains how the Government's new payments scheme will work and where it will be tested. Although deaths from coronavirus are falling, there has been a recent rise in the number of positive tests. Search by postcode.

Meanwhile, an "air bridge" between London and New York to enable travellers to sidestep quarantine is being discussed in top-level UK-US government talks. The Telegraph understands ministers are studying plans for regional air bridges that would allow passengers to come to Britain from "low-risk" areas within countries that are "red listed" because of their continued overall high coronavirus rates. Home Affairs Editor Charles Hymas explains how New York brought its seven-day infection rate down to below England's. And this is the full list of countries exempt from England's travel quarantine so far.

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