Tuesday, 11 August 2020

You must read this if your tenancy is at risk in UK!

Martyn James says there are key points of advice for renters:

• If behind in rent and the end of a contract is looming, contact the landlord or estate agent to pre-empt what may happen.

• If you are in arrears and a payment plan has been agreed, ensure that it is in writing and agree timescales for when the rent will be repaid.

• Claim for Universal Credit if you have been made unemployed. Rent payments go directly to you and not the landlord.

• Debt charities, such as StepChange, are available to help with advice on dealing with your creditors, putting together plans on what can be afforded and how cash can be freed up to stay afloat.

“If a landlord serves a tenant with an eviction notice, they should stay put for now,” says Polly Neate. “The courts are not going to evict anyone while the evictions ban is in place, and even after that landlords will have to follow proper procedure – they can’t just kick people out.”

She adds that landlords must give tenants written notice to leave in line with the latest government legislation, and it’s only when the notice period expires can they apply to the courts.

“Please don’t struggle alone. Anyone who is threatened with eviction or worried about losing their home when the ban lifts can contact Shelter for free and expert help, and to find out what their options are.

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