Monday, 4 January 2021

Another UK Blanket Lockdown Imposed!


Stay at home

• Everyone should stay at home unless they have a "reasonable excuse"

• You can leave your house to buy food, collect essential supplies, attend medical appointments or get a coronavirus test, meet people as part of a support bubble, exercise once a day, provide care or to escape harm

• Overnight stays are not allowed outside of a support bubble

• People are allowed to visit people giving birth or dying

• You are still allowed to move house, but people outside your household should not help you move

• Estate agents are permitted to work and property viewings can still take place

• These rules are being enforced by law, so you can be fined £200 if you break them, doubling to a maximum of £6,400

Exercising and meeting other people

• You can leave your home to exercise outdoors once a day, but this should be within your local area

• It can be done alone, with your household or support bubble or with one person from another household

• You must be exercising when with anyone outside your household - not meeting for a picnic

• Permitted outdoor areas for exercise include parks, beaches, countryside, public gardens, grounds of a heritage site and playgrounds

• Indoor and outdoor gyms are closed, including sports courts, swimming pools and golf courses

• Elite sports such as football can continue

Support bubbles and childcare

• Adults living alone can still form support bubbles with another households

• If you live with children under 14 you can form a childcare bubble to allow one other household to provide informal childcare

• Divorced or separated parents can continue to share the care of their children


• From 5 January all colleges, primary and secondary schools will move to remote working until February half-term

• Vulnerable children and those whose parents are key workers can continue going to school

• University students will not be able to return to campus, but learning can take place remotely

• In-person tuition can continue for a small number of practical courses such as medicine, nursing, social work and education

• Exams will "not go ahead as planned this year"


• You must work from home unless you are a key worker or are unable to do your job from home

• Jobs that cannot be done remotely include medical workers, supermarket staff, construction workers and transport staff


• Those who previously shielded should not leave home apart from for exercise and medical appointments

• Extremely clinically vulnerable should not work if unable to do so from home

• They should also avoid crowded spaces


• You must not travel anywhere unless you have a "reasonable excuse"

• If you need to travel you must stay local and only leave home for essential purposes

• You can only travel abroad unless you are legally permitted to do so, for example for work purposes


• All pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars closed

• They are allowed to serve takeaway food and drink until 11pm

• Takeaway or click and collect alcohol is no longer permitted

• Close contact services close

• Indoor and outdoor entertainment venues closed

• Hotels and holiday accommodation is allowed to remain open for a small number of guests

• You should only stay in a hotel or holiday rental if you are travelling for work, attending a wedding or funeral or are moving house

Care homes

• Care home visits are allowed behind screens, in visiting pods or behind windows

• Indoor visits are not allowed

• All visits will be suspended in the event of an outbreak

Weddings and funerals

• Weddings are permitted with up to six people

• Funerals and wakes are allowed with up to 30 people

• You can stay away from home if travelling for the above purposes

• Communal worship is allowed but you must not mix with people outside your household or support bubble

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