Saturday, 2 January 2021

UK Marriage Visa: Easy Steps Explained

Let me answer this for you, properly, with an Albanian example that applies to all

I myself, married my albanian bf, who was here illegally.

Yes, you very much can. You have to give notice to marry, and then wait 70 days. In this 70 days, the HO can decide if they wish to investigate your marriage. If you are a British citizen, it is unlikely they will investigate, this is usually only for EU citizens. After 70 days, you are free to marry.

Remember, the HO does not give permission to marry, they are only notified of your intention. They cannot stop you marrying, unless they arrest your partner before the wedding can take place (on the day). Again, this is highly unlikely if you are British.

The reason it is unlikely if you are British is because, he will not automatically become legal if he marries a British person, or be entitled to any visa just because you are married. So unlikely to be a sham marriage, as marrying a British person is not an easy route.

After you are married, you can apply for him to become legal through Article 8, right to a family life. This is hard, this is expensive in solicitors fees, (cost me £1200 in fees) plus application, and IHS fee. He must be of good character to have a chance.

You must also give notice to marry at a designated registry office which accepts those with no legal immigration standing. A little search on Gov website will tell you which one is closest to you.

Good luck 🥰

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