Monday, 5 April 2021

AstraZeneca kicked out of US factory

 AstraZeneca has been kicked out of a production plant in Baltimore after a mix-up is thought to have contaminated 15 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson.

The Oxford/AstraZeneca jab has yet to obtain approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, but production of the vaccine has started in anticipation of a green light.

It was being produced by a sub-contractor at a plant operated by Emergent BioSolutions in Baltimore.

The plant was also manufacturing Johnson & Johnson's vaccines and workers at the factory mistakenly mixed the ingredients.

As a result 15 million doses of the vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson, which has been given FDA approval, had to be destroyed.

Johnson & Johnson will now assume full responsibility for the production of its vaccine at the plant.

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