Sunday, 18 April 2021

Health Benefits Of Akamu

Faida Babale. 

So many people enjoy taking this meal called Pap popularly known as Akamu. Pap is a meal which can be made quickly without. It is made by first adding little amount of cold water to turn it into a fine smooth paste before adding a boiled water to it.

Mainly, pap is made from maize or what is simply known as corn. It is gotten when raw maize is soaked for about three for fermentation to take place. After which it is grinded and sieved with clean water to separate the pap from the husk (skin of the corn). The corn used can be a yellow corn or white corn. Pap is meal that retains its nutrients after processing. This is because it does not undergo any form of industry or chemical processes so it doesn't contain any chemical hence it is regarded as a meal that is 100% natural.

Now, I know that a lot persons still take this meal called Pap on daily basis. In this article, I am going to tell you what pap does to your health. Now, read carefully to see what pap does to your health:

It is not a bad thing to take pap. You do not need to worry that pap may have negative health effects. Not at ball, do not panic, I come with good news. The information below will show you the health Benefits of taking pap (Akamu).

Pap when made from corn or maize, it is a good meal which contains nutrients such as carbohydrate, potassium, magnessium, different vitamins such as vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) etc. Pap does the following to your health:

1. It helps people with high blood pressure because it contains high amount of potassium and does not contain any form of sodium.

2. Do you know that mothers who are nursing a baby are advised to add pap to their daily meal, this is because pap helps nursing mothers to produce more milk and also increase the flow of breast milk which the new infant needs to feed on.

3. Pap helps to replace lost body fluid especially when you are dehydrated or when you have suffered from diahorrea. You can take pap to replenish lost body fluid, this is because pap contains high amount of water.

4. Because of its high content of carbohydrate, Pap can be said to be a good source of energy since carbohydrates are energy giving foods. It gives you energy for your day to day activities. It is equally recommended for sports persons.

5. Pap helps for the passage of waste in the body. This is done when you pass out urine. You would have noticed that whenever you consume pap, you tend to urinate frequently. It is a meal that gets to digest faster in the body without giving the digestive system too much stress.

You have now seen what pap does to the health. It is then advisable that you add pap your meal if you have not done so. Pap can be enjoyed with varieties of other food like bean cake, moi moi, bread, plantain

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