Sunday, 18 April 2021

Natural Remedy For Itchy Nipples

Faida Babale. 

Natural remedy for itchy nipples:

* Aloe vera: Crush the pulp of Aloe Vera and apply it on the itchy nipples, leave it for 10 minutes then massage gently, when finished washed it with cold water. Repeat this application at least three times a day and continue till satisfied.

* Olive oil: You can apply olive oil to the nipple and massage it gently, then wash it off with water, repeat until satisfied.

* Breast milk: Apply a few drops of breast milk to the affected area before you start breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, apply a little more breast milk on your nipples. Leave it to dry, follow this remedy several times in a day until nipples are healed.

* Basil leaves: Take a handful of Basil Leaves grinds them and make a paste, apply this paste on the irritated nipples. Let it dry and wash the nipple before breastfeeding the baby.

* Honey: Honey is effective in treating dry skin, for mild itching apply honey to the affected area two to three times.

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