Monday, 31 May 2021

Plane Crashes Into a Lake in US, Tarzan Actor Among 7 Dead

Tennessee: Actor Joe Lara- the star of the famous adventure movie Tarzan: The Epic Adventures has passed away in a plane crash in Tennessee. The 58-year-old was with his wife and a few others when the private jet crashed into a lake this weekend. TMZ reported that the private jet, said to be a Cessna 501 took off on Saturday from Smyrna Airport, just outside of Nashville, and was reportedly headed toward Palm Beach, but somehow plunged into Percy Priest Lake not too long after takeoff. 

After the accident, fire and other rescue crews were dispatched to the scene but, after an all-night operation, authorities told TMZ that the passengers were killed in the accident. Their families were notified soon after and as per TMZ, an investigation is underway to determine the cause behind the crash.

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