Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Human Bones Found Near Prince Harry, Meghan US Mansion

HUMAN remains have been found just yards from Harry and Meghan’s £11million mansion.

The bones from a small adult were unearthed by workers doing landscaping on an estate just along the road.

They are thought to be those of a Native American and date back centuries.

Their age will be determined by a forensic anthropologist called in by police.

Landscapers made the discovery last week while working at an estate in Riven Rock Road in Montecito,

The incomplete skeleton was found in soil between 2ft and 3ft deep.

It is thought to be that of a member of the Chumash tribe who lived in the region from about 700AD.

A source said: “Work stopped right away on the property and the cops were called in.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Raquel Zick confirmed the discovery was not connected with the royals.

She said, if they were not old remains, then an investigation would begin.

“We will have to get out our magnifying glasses,” she added.

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