Sunday, 1 August 2021

Going to Vegas? Pack Your Masks

Heading to Sin City? You’re going to need to wear a mask.

Planning on sitting in the casino for hours at a slot machine or the craps table? You’ll need a mask the entire time you’re there.

Want to partake in the endless buffets? Sure, go ahead, but you’ll still need to wear a mask between actual eating.

Tourists have mixed feelings about the mask mandate being back in force. Some aren’t bothered at all. In fact, many have decided on their own to keep their masks on anyway out of precaution. But for others, they are not so happy to comply. Especially the smokers. Having to pull the mask down, take a drag, inhale and exhale, put the mask back up is for them more than an annoyance.

Across the country, it looks like many government officials are weary, too, and are opting to let the residents decide. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, it’s up to them. Take Hawaii for example. Even if their new case numbers are surging way beyond what they were back in the “COVID-19 heyday” of statistics, the Governor has said he is making no moves to mandate mask wearing. Today, his criteria is based solely on looking at the data of vaccinations and achieving herd immunity. Evidently what happens between now and then – if “then” ever comes – is of no concern. Medical workers may have a bone to pick with him as their hospitals are filling with more and more COVID-19 patients every day.

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