Thursday, 30 September 2021

120 East London Council Flat Residents To Be Moved!

Residents will be moved out of a large housing association block in east London after inspections revealed it “cannot be kept safe without major refurbishment or demolition” #UKhousing

Clarion informed the 120 households of Clare House in Bow this morning that they will have to move out of the block into temporary accommodation before they are found new permanent housing.

The 22-storey former council block was constructed using the ‘large panel system’ (LPS) style of construction – where large slabs of pre-fabricated concrete are bolted together. This system became notorious following the Ronan Point disaster, an east London tower block which partially collapsed in the 1960s.

Since Grenfell, new assessments of blocks built in this way have been carried out around the country and residents have been moved out of several ahead of their demolition.

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