Thursday, 16 September 2021

5 Children Orphaned After Unvaccinated Parents Die Of Covid

Five children including baby girl orphaned after unvaccinated parents die of Covid

Davy and her husband Daniel Macias, aged 37 and 38, from California, died from Covid within weeks of each other - leaving behind their five young children

Five children including a newborn baby girl have been orphaned after their unvaccinated parents died from Covid


Davy Macias, 37, a nurse for Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, was seven months pregnant when she contracted the virus.

After her rapid deterioration, doctors kept her alive using intubation long enough to deliver her youngest daughter - who she never got to hold in her arms.

Her husband, Daniel, 38, died on Thursday after fighting the virus for several weeks as he tried "fighting to stay here with his babies", a family friend said.

Davy's brother, Vong Serey, shared his heartbreak on a GoFundMe page initially set up to support the children after their parents death.

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