Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Breaking: Covid Vax Now Compulsory For Healthcare Staff In The UK

The government is expected to make an announcement on introducing a Covid-19 vaccination requirement for NHS staff in England.

Tens of thousands of care home workers could lose their jobs this week as their deadline for mandatory vaccination approaches.

From Thursday, November 11, it will be a legal requirement for care home staff who are not exempt to be doubly vaccinated if they are to continue in their role.

Today, the government is expected to announce a deadline of spring next year for NHS staff to be fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the prime minister has resisted calls to introduce so-called Plan B restrictions, saying booster jabs for the most vulnerable are the 'key thing' this winter.

Boris Johnson said encouraging people to get a jab was "the single most important thing that the government can do at the present time".

“Unfortunately, what you’ve got at the moment is a situation in which the waning of the original two jabs is starting to see too many elderly people getting into hospital," he said.

“Sadly, the jabs do wane. We’ve done 10 million booster jabs already and it’s a very effective thing."

Mr Johnson was criticised by Labour’s shadow health secretary after “irresponsibly parading” around without a face covering during his visit to Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland.

It comes as the chief medical adviser at the UK Health Security Agency said the number of deaths involving Covid-19 is rising among the vaccinated population due to waning immunity.

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