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Kayan Mata: Saint Turned Devil By Wayward Women

In West Africa, especially Hausa Speaking Parts, what is mainly used in spicing sexual, romantic, and intimate relationships are herbs and perfumes, Called Kayan Mata. Most People in the Islamic parts of west Africa are polygamous. As such, a lot of women are steady competing on who has the juiciest vaginas.

Different Kayan Mata potions
Kayan Mata

The herbs are called « kayan mata » ( for women) and « kayan maza » (for men). Although, Kayan Mata is more popular. Due to increased polygamy in the northern part of Nigeria. And women are constantly trying to out do Each other on who can please their husband more, sexually.

These herbs have nothing to do with age. As long as you are married and or sexually active.

I remember last year a friend stumbled unto some of them in her auntie’s bedroom -she is in her mid 60’s- and when she asked her what it was, she said it was traditional mosquito repellant!!!(lol). My friend had no idea she was still sexually active at that age talk more of using stimulants to enhance her performance and keep her husband tied to her waist.

The products used are 100% herbal and are produced strictly by older women, in most cases because of what it does to the man, they would never sell it to a woman who is not married( and believe me they can tell 99% of the times) for fear of what it will do to another woman’s husband.
Marriage And Kayan Mata

In certain parts of West Africa, where it is practiced with so much relish and almost like a religion, The best gift your mother in law can give you when you are brought into her son’s house as a wife are packages of kayan mata.

Getting packages of Kayan Mata from your mother in law, is a representation of how much she loves you. Most times when a new bride does not get any Kayan mata package from her mother in law, it is believed you are not liked by her.

Husbands buy it openly for their spouses and in most cases when there is a new rave in town these old women call the men first rather than the women who would haggle in price for they are sure to make more profits from them.
Preparing A Bride

Before a lady gets married time is taken off which can be as little as 2 weeks or as much as 6 months. To prepare her “down below” for her husband.

She is made to drink liquids, insert some, eat some in food, and wash her vagina with some. Each potion has its rules and it may not be that easy but the end justifies the means.

The ones for insertion are meant to tighten the vaginal walls and muscles. Some are so effective that when a woman wants to get married to a man she has not had sex with and she is not a virgin, she can use them and the man will swear with his life he was the one who disvirgined her.

West African Muslim Bride

The brides make sure they use the lubricating potions when they tighten their vaginas. Else they would be left with bruises. The bruises from rigorous sexual activities as her husband would not be able to resist her.

The liquid ones are meant to do the job from inside, they work with hormones to increase sensitivity and thereby making the Vagina extra wet and warm.
Variations of Kayan Mata

The ones for washing are used in tightening, disinfecting the area to get rid of all unwanted impurities, infections, vaginal odors and discharge. Therefore, the act of cunnilingus becomes highly enjoyable for the husband. The Kayan mata also leaves long lasting fragrances around the vagina.

The perfumes are used on either the body as body perfumes or used to steam the vagina. They are applied on local clay incense burners. The lady covers herself with a cloth while the fragrance envelopes every part of her body, with special attention to the vagina. This also tightens, deodorizes, and increases sensuality in the woman which the husband enjoys.

Kayan mata made with chicken

The ones eaten are used in special foods like meat, cow milk/yogurt. Also a young female chicken that has not started laying eggs. The chicken is cooked in these herbs, leaves and oils. As a result, the bride would be sexually fresh, vibrant and active. Like the young chicken that she ate.

This particular young chicken potion used mostly on brides.No bride goes without this particular chicken Kayan Mata package.
Natural Kayan Mata Fruits

There are other fruits that are naturally grown that enhance sexuality.
Gindin Ayu; this is made from a particular water animal (Seal) which is extremely difficult to find and very expensively sold when caught.
Goron Tula; also known as Snot Apple. Goron Tula is a miracle fruit that rapidly enhances a woman’s sexual life and libido.
kunun Aya: Made from tiger nuts. Men too also drink kunun aya for libido enhancement.

Kayan Mata is becoming a rave amongst women. It is slowly metamorphosing from a traditional preparation to a modern tool used for sexual infidelity. Single ladies now abuse “Kayan mata”. Sugar daddies are being milked of their hard earned monies through the use of sophisticated potions and variations of Kayan mata. However, when used within the confines of marriage and for its original purpose, Kayan mata is a marital blessing to a lot of brides. Especially those in polygamous Homes.

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